Jun 17, 2010



Flavors: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and confetti
it's @15rb, minimum order of half a dozen is 90rb, a dozen (1 flavor) 160rb


Flavors: choc crunch, red velvet, lemon, vanilla w/ choc pudding
it's @20rb, minimum order of half a dozen is 120rb, a dozen (1 flavor) is 215rb

- Chocolate Toppers: (White/Milk/Dark Chocolate) is 10rb
- Fondant Toppers: for half a dozen is 15rb, for a dozen is 25rb (or depending on the difficulty)

minimum order of 20 egg tarts, @6000 a piece

Asti Cupcakes

this was an order from my HS friend, ayu..
it's for her friend Asti..
the cupcakes itself is basically her circle of friend consisting of 2 girls and 2 boys created on a fondant shaped faces :)
thank u ayu :)

Comme Des Garcons Cupcakes

remember dewi whom i made her engagements cupcakes..
now she's ordering for her bff bday, his name is bosney he likes comme des garcon label..
dewi explained some things about bosney so i can get inspired to make his cupcakes..
i decided to stick with comme des garcons theme, after browsing the net i found out the logo is the heart with eyes..
that's what the 3 cupcakes on top is pretty much about..
the second row is the polkadot bag, the perfume, the t-shirt and the crocodile skin pouch..
the last row is the name bosney itself..
dewi asked for 13 cupcakes in total and they were all chocolate..
thank u dewi :)

Dino Cupcakes

this was an order from my friend mimi, its for her nephew *i think*
his name is Raul turning 4, likes dinosaurs..
so i made 4 dinos, a volcano, a fossil, an egg, the name R A U L and the number 4..
a lil bit of trouble during the delivery because the delivery guy came in an hour earlier..
that made me nervous because i hadn't had the chance to cool the cupcakes down in the fridge..
so when the cupcakes arrived in the frosting was kinda runny..
*learned my lesson, don't make the same mistake again san!*
but thank God mimi was kind enough to forgive my dummy head and instead ordered more from me :*)

MU + Accountant + Revi 23 Cupcakes

this was an order from a high school friend, her name is indah..
its for her bf, he's an accountant turning 23 named Revi loves MU the football team..
the football MU theme was easy to make..
but for the accountant theme i was practically browsing for ideas..
so i used a calculator, money, gold coins and an accountant book..
is that accounting enough for you?

Disney Aladdin Cupcakes

this was an order from my friend mine..
it's an aladdin theme cupcake consisting of a flying carpet, a magic lamp, two dome shape, jasmine and of course aladdin himself..
the jasmine later on i cut of the excess fatness around her face because she looks bloated and FAT hahaha..
thx for the order mine :)

Yaris + BMW + Lifebuoy Cupcakes

this was an order from mbak natasha, my friend recommended me to her :) thx fira :*)
she ordered a theme of lifebuoy because her bf works for unilever in lifebuoy and he owns a BMW and Yaris..
building the car is practically impossible, my hand is not yet trained to shape them..
so i used a cookie cutter in a car shape..
phew thank God things went well :)